• The "Cards from my Heart" project was created sometime in 1993, back in the glorious days of CorelDraw version 4.
  • During a brief period of unemployment I thought that I might be able to make a little money by creating a series of postcard designs with a love theme. CorelDraw was in its heyday then and users got a LOT of stuff when they purchased a CorelDraw package. Amongst the multitude of CD's was an extensive library of vector-based stock art, which I used extensively for my designs. Unfortunately Corel didn't manage to keep the pace of development. They never seemed to care about fixing bugs or making features work well in a professional way. 
  • As things go, I landed a job and, eventually, founded my own company. I never managed to sell very many postcards - and didn't try much either. So, long story short, here they are! If you like them, you may use them any way you like. CorelDraw 4 is a long time ago in software terms, and I have discovered that not all my designs will open in new versions of CorelDraw. Just so you know... :-)